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Nyjerah is a Freelance Wardrobe Stylist, Creative Director, and Style Consultant from New Jersey. She sets the tone from a minimalist approach–aiming to bring fashion back to the basics, focusing less on the love of labels and more on wardrobe fundamentals.

With that same concept in mind, she founded the pre-loved clothing brand, NEED.ED (by Nyjerah Nicole). The line includes a collection of essential secondhand pieces, remixed and styled with a little personality.
When it comes to style, her wardrobe motto is simple: take risks and wear them well. She strives to create a signature aesthetic for her clients while also feeding them the knowledge to take it on themselves.

Previously, she made her mark at the womenswear brand where she led styling for their e-commerce and social channels and spearheaded branded workshops for the customer. Her work speaks for itself and has been featured in Elements Magazine and The Cut. Additionally, she's worked with influential women like Padma Lakshmi, Mary Cain, and Cecile Richards.

She continues to share her style advice in workshops and interviews: Insider, Byrdie, Hello Giggles, Reviewed, Empire Coven's Trailblazing Women
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  • Creative Direction
  • On-figure Styling
  • Personal Shopping 
  • Styling Workshops
  • Style Consultations
  • Closet Edit + Org

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