Meet The Girl Behind The Style
Style Enthusiast Based in New York

Nyjerah Nicole is a Wardrobe Consultant and Stylist from New Jersey. Focusing less on the love of labels and more on the essence of fundamentals, she sets the tone for simplicity styling and strives to bring fashion back to the basics.

She currently works in the styling department at a professional women’s fashion company, overseeing stylist development and executing inspiring looks for brand content. Additionally, she offers freelance services in wardrobe consulting, creative direction, and personal and editorial styling.

Nyjerah Nicole’s work has been featured in Elements Magazine. She also assisted on the following editorial projects: Elucid Magazine's Summer issue, Fault Magazine's Art Issue feat. Alicia Keys, GlossyBox’s Tony Awards Collaboration, L’Officiel Switzerland September issue, and Vogue Russia’s October issue feat. Amanda Seyfried. 
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